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La Musica Deuxième

Written by Marguerite Duras and Translated by Barbara Bray

Directed by Helen Banner


At Torn Page
435 W 22nd Street, New York, NY


Performances May 16 - 26


May 16 - 7pm

May 17 - 8pm

May 18 - 5pm & 8pm

May 19 - 5pm

May 23 - 7pm

May 24 - 8pm

May 25 - 5pm & 8pm

May 26 - 5pm

Plus a special screening of the 1967 French film LA MUSICA on Saturday, May 25 at 2:00pm

Film Screening

Theater Performance

“La Musica Deuxième is an extraordinary piece of writing refined and rewritten over decades by Duras until it flowed like a musical score. Playing the gaps between what is said and unsaid, it shows a woman demanding that a history of violence be processed and acknowledged even if the truth is slippery.”

–Helen Banner, Director


Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 1.29.37 AM.png
Gopal Divan
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 1.30.59 AM.png
Jessica Frey


Erin Reppenhagen
Grace Oberhofer
Iris Beaumier


Scenic Design: Samantha Tutasi

Lighting Design: Alex deNevers

Sound Design: Joshua Dumas 

Costume Design: Helen Banner & Allison Parker

Hair & Makeup Design: Blythe Irish

Producers: Allison Parker & Helen Banner

Associate Producer: Veronica Ostroski

Presented by A/Park Productions

The production is part of DOUBLE DURAS, a mini-festival co-hosted by A/Park Productions and Blessed Unrest, designed to celebrate Duras’ feminist play and will include two separate productions of LA MUSICA DEUXIÈME, a screening of the 1967 French film LA MUSICA (directed by Marguerite Duras and Paul Séban). 

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