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Written and performed by Kimberly Prentice

Directed by Misti B. Wills


At The Barrow Group
520 8th Avenue, 9th Floor, New York, NY


Performances July 19-21


July 19 - 7:00pm

July 20 - 2:00pm & 7:00pm

July 21 - 6:30pm



At Zoo - Playground 1

Performances August 2 - 25
Every day at 15:15
(No performance August 12 or 19)


Grab your “all access” pass into the mysterious world of Broadway’s backstage!

Follow veteran “star dresser” Pam as she works her magic through costume changes, confrontations, and quirky actor demands all while staying hidden in the shadows with the rest of the crew. When the stress of invisibility gets heavy, supportive allies rally and equip her to stand up, curse like a sailor, and be seen. This may be a solo show, but Kimberly Prentice quick-changes her way through thirty plus distinct characters as we follow Pam’s hilarious –and sometimes harrowing– journey of working in the dark, unseen, while trying not to disappear.


Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 12.55.21 PM.png
Kimberly Prentice


Sound Design: Elisabeth Weidner

Stage Manager: Samantha Clarke


Produced by A/Park Productions & K Prentice Enterprises

UNSEEN was conceived during Karen Kohlhaas’ Art + Life Workshop 2020-2021 while Broadway was shut down. Over the next two years, this solo piece was developed with support from the A + L Writer’s Group at the same time Kimberly returned to Broadway as a star dresser. In 2023, UNSEEN premiered at the United Solo Fall Festival winning “Best One-Woman Show”.

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